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  • 19  grove avenue Birmingham  B21 9EX
  • agency@humucarecleaning.co.uk

Who We Are

Humucare&cleaning Agency is​ a registered company​​ located at the heart of birmingham, we are an organization with a standout experience in the care giving​ and cleaning .​ As we all know hygiene is a paramount and essential part of our lives so we bring you not just that but also more with love.

As infants ,our aspirations is to grow old and still be useful to our family and the society but as we grow old, nature ,nurtures us to be children again and as such we need love and care hygienically, which is where Humucare and cleaning agency comes in.


Our services include caring for ​ children ,babies, people with dementia, learning disabilities, conditions, physical disabilities, and supports for adults and teenagers. And supplying cleaners to customers.


Our carers ,nannies ​ and cleaners are well equipped and qualified to aid and support service users to carry on with their daily activities, while at the same time helping to promote independence and good quality of life for the service users.


We supply company and individuals with cleaning operatives, care support worker and teaching assistant in and around West Midlands.


Furthermore, we provide other services like sourcing for oversea professionals in health and social care

Get in touch

Do you have any questions about our services? Get in touch with us now and we will be glad to get back to you shortly.